A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's an up to 4 player party game with destroyable terrain!

You NEED at least one more person and a controller, since only one person can play on keyboard and its a multiplayer game!

This is meant to be a couch-play party game so the single player will have to come a bit later in development, once the multiplayer is polished and at its fullest. After all, having fun with your friends is the core of party games, right? <3

Beat your friends!! Dong them to oblivion.

Supports one keyboard and up to four controllers 🎮

All you need to play is:

  • A friend: this is multiplayer-only for now!
  • A controller: only one person can play on keyboard... for now ;)

Support The Game

Our game is under active development, please leave a review to support it or leave us some feedback!

Get In Touch With The Team

We always answer questions about Unity, Pixel Art, Programming and other things related to Game Dev and  Hammer Dongers!

Hammer Donger's Official Facebook Page

Install instructions

Download and unzip, works well on Windows, OSX, and Linux! 

Controllers are pretty necessary since its strictly multiplayer for now!


Hammer Dongers 0.15 - Windows.zip 26 MB
Hammer Dongers 0.15 - OSX.zip 45 MB
Hammer Dongers 0.15 - Linux.zip 41 MB

Development log


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Looks really cool! Nice art too!
I wonder if it would work with Steam Remote Play over the network...


That is on our top priority once we release on steam! We do playsting over the internet with parsecs: https://parsecgaming.com/ 

Parsecs is basically the same concept as Steam Remote Play


looks cool. The name needs some work, IMO. Dong is slang for penis, which is pretty close to dongers.

Dong is also a sound, but not typically what would be associated with that word.


Dong is, without a doubt, slang for penis :D


It is a god game, but, i think is a god idea made it compatible with PS3, PS4 controllers

We rely on a third party software to provide controller support, this is the list of supported devices: 


Definitely will test again with PS3 and PS4 devices, thanks for the feedback!


Wow nice game <3

Thanks, let us know anything you'd like to see in the game!


This looks incredible fun to play, downloading! Remember to please post this video of yours as your game page trailer!


Awesome idea! thanks!