Our biggest update yet, Castle is live!

Brand new castle maps!

This update has been a long way coming but for good reasons. We’ve included a whole new set of maps, following a different aesthetic and theme, the Castle of Dong!

Check out some screenshots of the brand new maps:

This brand new set of maps is full of traps and contraptions!


New Item: Rocket Launcher

We made it a tradition to push a new item on every major update, so even when we had our hands busy with the castle maps and their own exclusive gimmicks, we managed to squeeze in another spicy item to keep you guys entertained.

Custom Keybinds!

As the title suggests, we now support customizing your own button layouts for both gamepads and keyboard, to play the game in any way you’d like! Fun fact, different languages have different keyboard layouts, so we understand if our default one wasn’t the way to go for many of you and we decided to fix that!

Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements

Thanks to all the feedback from all of our community we found and fixed the following bugs:

  • Earth hammer would cause people to clip and fall off the map through the floor (sorry).
  • When you’d hit somebody and broke the ground under you at the same time, the stunned player would win, we corrected this for more favorable tie outcomes.
  • You can now press “B” to cancel/exit out of settings screens, we forgot to add that but added it as per your request.
  • Added a LOT of missing sound effects. It’s still a long way to go but we keep adding!

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries!

Happy Donging, 

 - Brandon & Javier.

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