Last desert tweak, land mine, bigger obstacles and a new map.

For the longest time we've wanted "larger" obstacles in each map, so we decided to implement a couple in our desert-themed maps before delving deeper into the castle-themed ones. Fear not though, castle theme is very much on the way :D

Besides these, we added a cool new item to the game, the LAND MINE, and added even MORE WORMS to the desert maps! Hopefully this makes our current content meaty enough for us to shift development on our new castle-themed maps. Settings screen was also added as per the community's suggestion, we hope to expand more on this as we go!

NEW ITEM: Land Mine

  • It explodes when an enemy player steps on it.
  • It can be triggered by other explosions, environmental hazards, hammers, and ground level projectiles such as the axe shockwave but not the boomerang or arrows.
  • It falls off without exploding when there's no ground beneath it.
  • Does not explode when the owner steps on it.

Bigger obstacles and new map

With these new obstacles we open up to more interesing looking structures in our maps, adding a bunch of personality!

These big obstacles can't be destroyed and won't fall off when it crumbles. We've made a new map with lots of 'em and tweaked some of the older maps.

First Iteration of Settings Screen

Resolution, Display mode, SFX and Music volume can be tweaked. 
Custom keybinds and Colorblind support will come next!

Sleeping Worms

People loved the worm hazards and we think it's a fun gimmick that adds personality to the desert. We decided to add more of these in a "sleeping" state so maps aren't as hazardous, but these CAN be woken up when hit, so watch out!

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

We had a lot of bug reports given by the community in our discord channel and comments within our past devlog.

  • Fixed a game breaking bug where player would float in the air after getting donged.
  • Improved Random Scene Selection to ensure all maps are selected with the same frecuency.
  • Tweaked ground hitboxes to prevent clipping out of the ground.
  • Jar obstacles were redrawn and look much better.
  • New Dong sound when hitting the ground.
  • Fixed display mode in Linux with Ultrawide monitors that would cause the game to look stretched. (We love you, Linux)
  • Capped the framerate to 144fps so you dont waste processing power when running the game.

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries!

Happy Donging,
- Brandon and Javier.


Hammer Dongers 0.3 - 31 MB
Mar 24, 2020
Hammer Dongers 0.3 - 31 MB
Mar 24, 2020
Hammer Dongers 0.3 - 30 MB
Mar 24, 2020

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Love it!

Thanks man! Slow but steady progress :)