Done with the Desert: New Maps and Item.

Limp-Worm Desert

Our maps are themed after areas. So far the game has 7 different desert maps which showcase the core mechanics. We feel that's enough for us to move on to different themes, so we wrapped up "Desert" for now with the maps below. 

With this being said, we've started development on a whole new area: Castle of Dong.

Watch out by the way

Shockwave Axe

This new weapon can now be found in chests and by destroying the environment.  As the name suggests, it sends foward a shockwave that destroys terrain along its path.


  • Hammer Dongers runs on Unity Engine which has now been updated to version 2019.2.20f1.
  •  Rolling now has a small safety threshold to prevent players from falling off.
  • Exit game: We heard all of you demanding for an exit button in the main menu. It's there now :)

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries!

Happy Donging,
- Brandon and Javier.


Hammer Dongers 0.2 - GNU 31 MB
Feb 24, 2020
Hammer Dongers 0.2 - 30 MB
Feb 24, 2020
Hammer Dongers 0.2 - 27 MB
Feb 24, 2020

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Hello! I so happy with the update! 

However, We were unable to access the new maps. Only the 5 from the image above show up. So, no cool eating  worm for us =(

The Axe was a nice addition, my party just loves it. An item which creates ground, just like the axe would be a nice solution for the "far away islands" problem.

So, only the worm door warps arrows around? I thought that all the wall worm would do that. is there a reason why some wall worms look some different?

Being able to increase the max score was great too!

For some reason, sometimes "rematch" option causes the game to get stuck in an empty screen.

Anxious to see what will come next.

Thank you guys by the awesome game.

Oh no! It's actually 2 new maps, how long was your play session? Maybe it just happened to be that the map wasn't rolled out randomly. 

I see you found out about the config.json file (which should be kind of a secret) :D  Having a way to modify match settings is definitely coming! We're just waiting to finish the Castle Theme to implement a match settings screen!

I'm sure I tried rematching before uploading the update, I will retest this and hopefully roll out a fix!

Also, thanks for the feedback regarding the "worm doors", you gave us an amazing idea just now :) Definitely rolling it in the next patch! It will be a nice surprise :D

(2 edits) (+1)

We did play more than half hour... more than 10 matches for sure. no new maps. On those 10 matches, we did get stuck on the empty screen 3 times.
I would love to test the new maps, can I do something to get then?
I did use the windows build... 

Yeah! now I just curious about the "worm doors" ideia.

By the way, the eating worm was any relation with the "suck in" effect worm door suggestion?

I will need to retest this then and roll a patch during the weekend. I only played 5 sets and everything seemed to work "fine" :( 

Yeah man! We wanted to test the concept of having environmental hazards, and a worm "eating" you seemed to fit the theme of this area nicely!

I tried downloading the Windows build and I was able to reproduce the bug with the two new maps not showing! This only happened on our Windows version when built from an automated script. I have updated the build with this fix. 

Thanks man, you were the only one to report this! 

However, I thought about how some people might actually never see the two maps with this kind of random approach to select scenes. I will tweak this "randomness" so all maps are played consistently! This was not an issue before because for the most part we've only had 3 maps to playtest everything, but now that we are focusing more on producing more content, it's a good time to implement this!

By the way, I played for around 45 minutes with a full party and were not able to reproduce the issue with the empty scene. I will keep an eye for this one, thanks!

The issue with the empty scene was fixed the next day :)

I can’t wait to play this. Glad there’s a mac version. I love the graphics and creatures 

(1 edit)

Awesome! We've had very little feedback from MAC users. Please let us know how it goes!


Will do!

(1 edit) (+1)

Looks pretty cool 😁... I like your art style

Thanks man!