A shadowy figure lurks... an Antagonist ?!

A shadowy figure lurks... an Antagonist ?!

This update pushes a new figure in the HammerDongers lore, trying to tie our new timeout mechanic to a sick new villain.

There is now a timer in each match, and after it runs out, big bad appears and cracks the entire map, slowly crumbling from the outside in. This promotes really intense interactions at the end of each match!

Score added in-game! (as per your request)

Pretty self-explanatory, bottom-left corner displays the scores now :)

The castle has a throne now.

It was pretty much needed really... I mean what kind of castle DOES NOT have a throne?

Added a visual queue when you split the map

You might be familiar with our "map cracking" mechanic, where if you split a section of land, the smaller piece breaks off. We added a shockwave effect to the tiles that are going to crack due to this, making it feel more empowering and helping as queue for any players in the affected area!

DOPE new music 🎵

We started working with a new musician that brought our sound to a whole new level!

  • The desert maps have a new theme song.
  • The title screen has a new flourish.
  • The main menu has a super chill theme now, perfect for vibing.
  • When you pause in each map, a lo-fi version of the current song plays instead 😉

Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements

Thanks to all the feedback from our community we found and fixed the following things:

  • Mapping your custom controls wasn’t working properly for gamepads... It’s fixed!
  • Sometimes, projectiles wouldn’t go through doors properly.
  • The score at the end of each map now scales with your screen’s resolution.
  • You can't walk off the map now. This promotes intense matches instead of randomly falling off by walking.
  • Some castle maps were a little tedious with all the traps, layouts got tweaked.
  • Fixed camera shake effect offseting the game camera between matches.
  • Score portraits at the end of each match were revamped.
  • Adjusted the time in which a tie can happen (0.5s -> 0.35s).
  • Axe shockwave moves 25% faster.

Let us know

Do you like the new content and improvements being made to the game?  Drop a comment or talk to us directly through discord.  We've added lots of improvements, items, and mechanics based on your feedback, keep it coming!

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries!

Happy Donging, 

 - Brandon & Javier.

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