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Does it support online?


Hey Gobiin, we currently only support local multiplayer, but some people on our discord ( channel have started to play online through parsecs (!



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Reminds me of the fun I had with Clanbomber back in the days. Great art by the way. Hope there will be updates !

I searched up Clanbomber, I did not know that game, cool!

Things slowed down a bit during March/April due to the outbreak, but we have picked up the pace again! 

Thanks for the kind words, really helps to keep motivated!

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We used to play Clanbomber for hours with my sister when we were little. That's kinda how my dad introduced me to linux, haha.

Understandable, just do what you can for the things you want. Have fun !


I really love how u interact so positively with our comments, i love the game and id love to try it with my friends but due to the quarantine and each person staying at his place we cant, so i really hope that u add an online multiplayer aspect to it or at lease a lan service if thats possible, anywaye cant wait for the quarantine to be over so i can try it with my friends, even without playing it i can tell its gonna be pretty great, thanks for making this game <3

That's so cool to hear :D 

We also have a discord ( server and sometimes host online lobbies through parsecs. If you wish to give ideas for the game, feedback or just come say Hi you are welcomed :)


i can't execut that i'm on ubuntu there is no .sh or .bin

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Hello, there's a readme file with instructions on how to run the game. If it doesn't work, join our discord and send me a direct message, I'd be glad to help!

There's a link in the description of the game, but I will post it here as well:


instal the launcher and install it

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Okay, i'm on Solus here, watch this:

1) Get steam
2) Add the .exe version of this game to your steam library
3) Enable Proton (AKA Steam Play)
4) Profit

and it works with like 99% of windows games


it would be amazing if you could make the multiplayer online as well as local

Oh man, it would be a dream! We decided to go local-only as this is our first project and wanted to keep the scope of the project possible. It is still a possibility as people continue to suggest it! 

Sometimes we host online matches through parsecgaming (think of steam remote) in our discord server, feel free to join the community to suggest new ideas/feedback or to look for people to play with online :D


I wonder if Steam Remote Play Together would work for non-steam games.


i try with parsec


I would turn the pink character more purple or maybe even orange because pink is too close to red it gets confusing.

We've got several people mentioning this issue. So this is definitely going to happen now! Thanks for reinforcing that this is an issue! 

By the way, we recently opened up a discord where we engage with people and even send builds of the game to people as we work on the it. Feel free to  join and reach out. We also host online lobbies  through in our discord.

Thanks for the great rating by the way! <3


This game is absolutely beautiful. Please, further develop this and make a paid version.

Hey, thanks for reaching out!  That is definitely the plan! We're focusing on adding more content to the game and continue to polish it. Thanks for letting us know we're going in the right direction :D


great job! boys. thanks so much.

Thanks for the trying the game, hope you had fun :)


This is one of the best local multiplayer games I have ever had the joy of playing and is definitely the best that I have found on thus far!! Eagerly looking forward to future updates!

You can see me and my brother's play-through on YouTube:

I am allowed to post this link here right? If not, someone please inform me, I don't want to violate's terms of service...

Thanks man! Are you kidding? It would actually be awesome to see everyone's play session here :D It REALLY helps us get feedback and improve the game, plus it encourages more people to try it!


Thanks! More than glad to post the play-through!


I there, I watched your playthrough. I would be very excited if you would try out my local multiplayer game as well and give us your thoughts. Please message me. Thanks. 

Hey guys, your game looks really good!

Hi, We looked at your game page and we believe the game is called "Ruin of the Reckless?" If that is the game you were referring to, it looks interesting! If you would tell us where to download it, we would be more than happy to try it out!

Hi there, I just saw this message haha. Ruin of the Reckless is an older project and it's unrelated to the one I was referring to. Thanks for the reply!


Would it be possible for this game to support Hori gamepads?

These are the only full gamepad that I own and I would love to play this game with some of my mates

Hello! I did a bit of research on the Hori Gamepads and I noticed they provide a driver for pc on their website which basically exposes the gamepad as an XInput Device (Xbox controller). You might have already tried this, but can you let me know if this works?


MAC Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76): "The application “Hammer” can’t be opened."

now i'm sad

Oh no! :(  Is there a way I can reach out to you and send you a personal build?

You can also write to us directly through our facebook page:

dont have facebook, can you contact me on;


All you need to do is go into the package contents of the app.

Go into contents, then into MacOS and you'll find a file called "Hammer Dongers", this will be a text file, but it's supposed to be an executable file.

Now open up terminal and type: chmod +x 

Then drag the hammer dongers file that you found into the terminal window, to the right of the text chmod +x

It should look like this 

press enter and enjoy :)


I remember playing this (kind of) game in StarCraft and Warcraft 3 and loving them. Were there any specific inspirations that you drew from?

Our main inspiration for the idea was bomberman! The idea came out during a Themed Game Jam (Ludum Dare 42: Running out of space). As for the aesthetics, we draw inspiration from A link to the past and Towerfall.

Btw, I loved StarCraft and Warcraft 3, huge fan as well <3

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Oooh, this looks like something my Bro might enjoy! I'll send him the link, to see if he wants to try this out.

Please get back to us and let us know how that went :D

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Man, me and my friends play couch games every Friday. I found about your game on ask game dev and it was love at first sight. we had a blast playing the game.

Amazing concept, full of funny moments and high competitive. A mix of bomberman, zelda and maybe goof troop. Really impressed! Seriously, you got a really good product in your hands. 

The game night anxious to see that will come next in the game. 

Keep up with the good work 

Straight to the feelings :) Thanks man, we really appreciate the kind words <3 


Looks really cool! Nice art too!
I wonder if it would work with Steam Remote Play over the network...


That is on our top priority once we release on steam! We do playsting over the internet with parsecs: 

Parsecs is basically the same concept as Steam Remote Play


looks cool. The name needs some work, IMO. Dong is slang for penis, which is pretty close to dongers.

Dong is also a sound, but not typically what would be associated with that word.


Dong is, without a doubt, slang for penis :D


It is a god game, but, i think is a god idea made it compatible with PS3, PS4 controllers

We rely on a third party software to provide controller support, this is the list of supported devices:

Definitely will test again with PS3 and PS4 devices, thanks for the feedback!


Wow nice game <3

Thanks, let us know anything you'd like to see in the game!


This looks incredible fun to play, downloading! Remember to please post this video of yours as your game page trailer!


Awesome idea! thanks!

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